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Third EYE includes two modes — either continuous recording of photos and videos which can be sent by email, or it can record them only at the time of intrusion — the output can be sent by email to a mobile phone or computer. Every image is only accessible within the application which is password protected so nobody disable it or delete vital evidence!

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These all seem like they would be great ways to control the security of your home wirelessly. I would be interested to see reviews on these products. I love the idea of using the camera on your Mac as a secret security camera! Very discreet, and with the ability to upload files straight to dropbox it means that even if your laptop is stolen you have evidence.

Any movement near your Mac triggers a photo or video 3.

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One of the most advanced and feature-rich surveillance apps we've seen, including streaming 4. Simple features but the time-lapse video lets you see everything that's been going on 5. The app is free but of course you need to splash out on the hardware… A brilliant app to monitor multiple cameras - however you have to buy an OpenEye camera first! Who's been using your Mac whilst you've been away?

BackStreet Surveillance is another professional CCTV security system that has a relatively easy user interface for something so powerful but like Amcrest, it requires proprietary cameras. Pricing is on quotation only.

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  3. ‎IP Camera Viewer 2 on the Mac App Store.

These are the best security cameras and software for Mac and although you will find other budget surveillance solutions on the Mac App Store, in our experience the results are not great. The same goes for the popular Blue Iris surveillance software which only runs on Windows.

There are plenty of Blue Iris alternatives for Mac here that do the job just as well and will be far more reliable and less stressful to setup. There are many reasons you may want to use security camera software on your Mac but some of the most common reasons include:.

There are some useful things to be aware of however before choosing which is the best system out there for Mac users. Here are some important things to know before deciding which is best for your needs and expectations. Finally, be aware that no home security system is bulletproof. Thieves and home invaders are becoming increasingly sophisticated in taking-out DIY home security camera systems. Alternatively, there have been cases of criminals aiming a simple laser beam at security cameras which can blind the lens during a break-in.

At the moment, security camera manufacturers are still playing catch-up with robbers when it comes to jamming although it should be stressed that the majority of break-ins are opportunistic i. There have also been more recent cases of home security camera footage being intercepted and viewed by third parties. One way to protect yourself from this type of hacking is to use a VPN on your Mac. These encrypt your WiFi connections so that they are almost impossible to hack.

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions let us know in the comments below.

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Felt pretty good about our two outdoor nestcams. This requires an excessively large hole through an exterior wall. Feeling very vulnerable. Unfortunately there are many mean spirited people around in the guise of friendly Bernie Madoff types…. Interesting to hear your experiences with Nest Cam Outdoor.

It would certainly make more sense if Nest Cam Outdoor cables could be detached from the camera during installation because as you say, otherwise you need to drill a hole the size of the camera to squeeze it through. Regarding jamming, you highlight a good point about the pitfalls of wireless security camera. One of the problems is that all systems that use wireless technology such as Nest Cams have to state the wireless frequency they broadcast on — making it easy for thieves or intruders to use jam that frequency during break ins using some kind of radio transmitter.

Xeoma is the video surveillance bestseller

No home made security system is ever going to be bulletproof but manufacturers should be making cameras that rely on either varying wireless frequencies or laser resistance in order to make them harder for thieves to crack. I am on my second security cam and cannot get them to connect to my devices.

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  • I have never had this much trouble connecting a device to my Mac system. Do you have any recommendation on one that is uber-compatable with Mac? Nest cameras are also usually very reliable with Macs. I just want to congratulate you on the best article I have ever read on this topic — for Mac or any platform. Thank you for your considerable research and testing and for sharing it in such an easy-to-read piece. And thanks for introducing me to GW Security who seem to make exceptional cameras and charge very little for them.

    Thanks for your feedback and glad it helped you! I am using Amcrest WiFi 3mp. As for viewing. And on iMac they have Amcrest Web View app.

    It works fine, but you have to enter the IP every time you launch it, very dumb design. You can also use safari or chrome web browser to view. Other videos about Xeoma software. To our knowledge, Xeoma is one of the top 5 webcam software for Windows and Linux. Affordable prices.


    Xeoma customers are listed here. Xeoma is ready to work right after download. No installation or admin rights required. Auto-search of cameras. Choose the one for your budget, see the editions comparison table. More than features, from easy ones to intellectual.

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    Video analytics: PTZ tracking, vehicle license plate recognition ANPR for Europe, UK, USA and CIS countries , face recognition, face and objects blur, visitors counter, detectors of crowd, objects, smoke, sound, abandoned items, sabotage; search for motion events in archive by time or zones, integration with external devices and smart home systems. Export of extracts from the archive in various formats, possibility to make intervals undeletable, simultaneous view and export of several archives at once, SMS notifications, upload to and from FTP, support for dual streaming, simultaneous recording to several disks, and much more.

    Wherever you are, you can view your cameras and control Xeoma remotely. Even without static external IP address. Quick addition of up to per server, any camera resolution 10Mpix and higher , easy management, support for LDAP, network clustering, fine tune access permissions, creation of your own cloud service — stable work of the system even without supervision. Minimum hardware requirements. Let us know! Free rebranding and customization. Integration with your billing and license generation as you go. Special discounts for hardware manufacturers.

    Free demo licenses for tests and comprehensive assistance from our Support Team. Xeoma has been installed in a number of banks, airports, insurance companies and factories around the world. FelenaSoft is looking for partners — security camera installers, security system engineers, security eqipment manufacturers, telecommunications providers, dealers and resellers — from all over around the world.