How to hide your wifi network on mac

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If I'm hiding SSID then no one can see it which is wrong but in any case why create trouble for yourself in the first place when all of this can be a simple thing with just a strong password. You can hide your SSID for any reason and add a strong password so no one can get through if that's what you want. May I add that these add security. Being it not much but in a sense they do.

Most security is based on obscurity. For example the WPA password encryption can be ultra safe but if you leave it on your front door on a post it it has less meaningful security.

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Just to keep those script kiddies out. Especially on places around schools. There are allot of children tying those online tutorials and these features may be a bridge to far for them.

And just as with locks. You should make your locks harder to pick than your neighbors. Just to keep the opportunists out. I also encountered this OPs issue recently with my Galaxy A8 after a update. My network ran OpenWRT18 with both features enabled.

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And it all worked fine. But after the Galaxy A8's update it didn't work anymore. So it seems that even while connecting my phone uses a random mac. Either your password the PSK is good - then no amount of brute forcing will crack it within reasonable time, or it isn't. OP has listed it as a problem but it's clearly not related to the firmware though.

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Firmware is doing whatever it's being told by the configuration done by the user. Problem with OpenWrt Network and Wireless Configuration. You can find the MAC addresses of Wireless mobile phones and other portable devices under their network settings, though this will vary for each device. If your wireless router has a high range but you are staying in a small studio apartment, you can consider decreasing the signal range by either changing the mode of your router to You can also try placing the router under the bed, inside a shoe box or wrap a foil around the router antennas so that you can somewhat restrict the direction of signals.

Apply the Anti-Wi-Fi Paint — Researchers have developed a special Wi-Fi blocking paint that can help you stop neighbors from accessing your home network without you having to set up encryption at the router level.

How to hide wifi network for others - MAC and windows users

The paint contains chemicals that blocks radio signals by absorbing them. Once you have enabled the various security settings in your wireless router, you need to add the new settings to your computers and other wireless devices so that they all can connect to the Wi-Fi network.

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  • Your wireless network will now be a lot more secure and intruders may have a tough time intercepting your Wi-Fi signals. Here you will see a list of all computers and wireless devices that are connected to your home network. If you simple want to let a friend connect to your wireless network one time, you can remove his MAC address from the router settings when he or she leaves your place.

    How to Hide Your WiFi so Others Cannot Connect to It

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